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    Here in Lynchburg, Va., where my ministry is headquartered, we have operated the Liberty Godparent Home a beautiful dwelling where young girls may live after they discover they are pregnant for 21 years. We provide their room and board, education, health care all at no charge to them.

    When they leave us, they either carry their newborn child with them or they have chosen a childless Christian couple to raise their baby. It is a ministry of compassion that has touched the lives of hundreds of families.

    Through our Godparent Home, we have provided the means for young girls to choose an alternative to abortion. (Girls interested in information on our Godparent Home may call toll free: 1-800-54-CHILD. Christian couples interested in information on our Family Life Services Adoption Agency may visit our Web site (www.godparent.org) or e-mail us: familylifeservices@juno.com)


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    Unplanned pregnancy