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The Little Red Schoolhouse

In Bill Clinton's 1999 State of the Union Address, he outlined a plan for a significant increase of the control of education by the federal government. What is his motivation for this broadened government influence within the school systems? If you think it has anything to do with quality education you are sadly mistaken.

To begin to understand why this is, all one needs to do is look at history. We will begin by defining a couple of terms:

Learn: To gain knowledge of; to acquire knowledge or ideas of something before unknown. We learn the use of letters, the meaning of words and the principles of science. We learn things by instruction, by study, and by experience and observation. It is much easier to learn what is right, than to unlearn what is wrong. To acquire skill in any thing; to gain by practice a faculty of performing ; as, to learn to play on a flute or an organ. To teach; to communicate the knowledge of something before unknown.

--American Dictionary of the English Language, Noah Webster, 1828.

Learning: 1. knowledge acquired by systematic study in any field or scholarly application. 2. the act or process of acquiring knowledge or skill. 3. Psychology. the modification of behavior through practice, training, or experience.

--Random House Webster's College Dictionary, 1990.

It is interesting to note the change in definition since 1828. Let's begin to understand why this has occurred.

In 1903, a Mr. Fred T. Gates wrote an "occasional letter" to the General Education Board, of which he was a member. This board was the predecessor to the Rockefeller Foundation and was organized by John D. Rockefeller. The following is a direct quotation from that letter:

"In our dreams, we have limitless resources and the people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands. The present educational conventions fade from our minds, and unhampered by tradition, we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive rural folk. We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning, or of science. We have not to raise up from among them authors, editors, poets or men of letters. We shall not search for embryo great artists, painters, musicians nor lawyers, doctors, preachers, statesmen, of whom we have an ample supply. The task we set before ourselves is a very simple as well as a very beautiful one, to train these people as we find them to a perfectly ideal life just where they are. So we will organize our children and teach them to do in a perfect way the things their fathers and mothers are doing in an imperfect way, in the homes, in the shops, and on the farm."

--Occasional Letter No.1, The General Education Board, 1903, organized by J.D. Rockefeller, with Fred T. Gates, and Andrew Carnegie as a trustee. Letter written by Fred T. Gates. [emphasis added]

This letter served as the very foundation for the modern day school systems with their secular humanist philosophies and progressive theories. This quotation contains many key messages that help one to understand the current poor quality of our school systems and educators.

From the beginning it tells us that these people desired "limitless resources." Can anyone argue that the federal government today is not striving to provide these people with those resources?

Mr. Gates goes on to describe the populace as a "grateful and responsive rural folk" who "yield themselves to our molding hands." This is indeed a very condescending and insulting statement to make about the American people. Their objective, even today, is to abolish religion in the schools along with patriotism and any sense of commonality as an American people. Hence the current climate of globalism and world economics in an era where the American industrial base is being destroyed by such treasonous and unconstitutional legislation as NAFTA and GATT.

They wish to be "unhampered by tradition," or in other words, they do not wish to have religion or patriotism stand in the way of their "philanthropy." The letter clearly states its agenda of "dumbing down" the American people by stating they "shall not try to make these people or any of their children" into anything other than "a grateful and responsive rural folk." And you wonder why your lawyer, your doctor, and your child's teacher are incompetent?

In our third definition of the word "learning," we see that learning, or training, is often "the modification of behavior through practice, training, or experience." We can begin to see that they did not seek to impart knowledge or the ability to reason based on solid empirical fact, but rather, to "control behavior" through practice, or training as evidenced by the statement "to train these people as we find them to a perfectly ideal life just where they are."

They sought to train us "just where we are." This statement quite clearly belies their intention to relegate us to a life of mediocrity lacking any real ambition while keeping us "in the homes, in the shops, and on the farm." This statement is shockingly close to many statements made by quite famous communists and socialists throughout history. The following quotes begin to reveal the basis for this statement.

In 1919, the United States Communist Party slogan was "Give us one generation of small children to train to manhood and womanhood and we will set up a Bolshevist form of the Soviet government [in the United States]."

In a speech given by Adolph Hitler in 1939 he stated: "When an opponent declares 'I will not come over to your side,' I calmly say, 'your child belongs to us already. What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, will stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.' "

William Z. Foster, National Chairman of the United States Communist Party, in his book "Toward a Soviet America" said this: "Among the elementary measures the American government will adopt to further the cultural revolution are the following: the schools, colleges, and universities will be coordinated and grouped under a National Department of Education and its state and local branches. The studies will be revolutionized, being cleansed of religious, patriotic, and other features of bourgeois ideology."

Karl Marx and Frederick Engels outlined the procedure for bringing an "advanced country" into socialism by the execution of ten measures, or "planks." The tenth plank states: "Free education for all children in public schools."

In 1979, the National Education Association released a report entitled "Education for the '70's." The following is a direct quote from that report:

"Schools will become clinics whose purpose is to provide individualized, psycho-social treatment for the student, and teachers must become psycho-social therapists. This will include biochemical and psychological mediation of learning, as drugs are introduced experimentally to improve in the learner such qualities as personality, concentration, and memory."

Children are to become the objects of experimentation."

--Phyllis Schlafly Report, in the Utah Independent, June 14, 1979.

Do you still wonder why drugs like Ritalin are being administered to school-aged children? Now you know why.

John Dewey was a "teacher of teachers" at Columbia University. He taught four of the five Rockefeller brothers, including David and Nelson. John Dewey, an atheist and a socialist, was one of the founders of the Intercollegiate Socialist Society. The society changed its name to the League of the Industrial Democracy and announced its purpose as "education for a new social order based on production for use and not for profit."

Dewey later became the president.

Lenin stated: "Only by radically remolding the teaching, organizing, and training of the youth shall we be able to ensure that the efforts of the younger generation will result in the creation of a society that will be unlike the old society, i.e., the creation of a COMMUNIST society."

Another teacher's labor union is the American Federation of Teachers. The Communist Party of the United States supported the AFT in May of 1937:

"It can be seen from this how important it is to build the American Federation of Teachers."

And again:

"The task of the Communist Party must be first and foremost to arouse the teachers to class-consciousness and to organize them into the American Federation of Teachers . . . The American Federation of Teachers must concern itself primarily with the immediate problems of the teacher (salary, tenure, academic freedoms, etc.). . . The American Federation of Teachers is now a broad legislative campaign for federal aid to education [in 1937]."

--The Schools and the Peoples Front, The Communist, New York: The Communist Party of the USA, May 1937 pp. 439, 442, 444.

In May of 1973, Medford Evans stated in an article published in American Opinion, that " . . . government schools make it a matter of policy to spend as much money as possible, and impart as little knowledge as possible - since spending demonstrates power, while keeping the scholars ignorant monopolizes power - into the hands of the government insiders."

--Medford Evans "The Schools," American Opinion, May 1973, p. 34

The American people had better wake up and start investigating their school systems. Every American citizen should IMMEDIATELY pull their children out or every public school and either teach them at home or start private schools that are closely managed and maintained by themselves. If they don't, we will very soon find ourselves in a "Soviet America."

The Soviet Union did not fall with the Berlin Wall. It had already won with the infiltration of educators and "philanthropists" over decades while the American people slept. The socialists are here and have been here for a very long time. They are well entrenched within our school systems, government agencies, media conglomerates, and philanthropic organizations.

Of course, they don't call themselves socialists or communists. They call themselves "democrats" and "republicans" or "liberals" and "conservatives" to confuse us while we stumble around and concern ourselves with silly things like smoking areas in restaurants and baseball and football scores.

But don't take my word for it. Study history and do your own research. I didn't make any of this up, it is all a matter of historical record and fact.


Should anyone think that there is plenty of time to respond to this problem, or that I am paranoid (or worse!), I suggest you visit this site. For the member list of this organization, go here.

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