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As I have explained, the members of the Ultrafractal mailing list often modify each other's fractals. This is called "tweaking." This is how we learn from each other.

Recently, Queri and I exchanged tweaks. It all started with her fractal, Love Letter:

Now you will notice that there is a little bit of color in the upper left hand corner. I saw that, and it intrigued me, so I went exploring up there, and played around with what I found completely outside of her view, and came up with the tweak on the right:

I posted that to the Ultrafractal list, and a few days later, Queri came up with the tweak on the left, called Life of a Cell. She warned that people needed to wear their shades. She also said that she particularly liked one of my texture layers. Thank you, Queri!

I was intrigued by the shells in the center, so I tweaked them just a little bit, and produced Snails 5. But while I was exploring her layers, I also saw something else, so I did a second tweak, called Gently After Queri.

Thank you, Queri, for letting me publish your fractals on my page!

You may want to visit Queri's web site. She has other wonderful fractals.

And to see examples of other tweak exchanges, see this series that went on between Wizzle and Gumbycat.


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