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Fetal Development; Fetal Pain

Scans uncover secrets of the womb BBC online, shows a baby walking in the womb
Fetal Development Photos: The Life Issues Collection Superb!
An Abortion Survivor
Inside the Womb
Tiny Tim
The Plight of the Silent
First Nine Months Multimedia presentation: 731K download but worth the wait
Fetal Development Physicians for Life
Proyecto Divulgación Project to present the best in animations of fetal development, on the internet.
Fetal Development Overview
Pregnancy Week by Week
The Fetal Senses neutral source
The Birth Scene Newborns are sentient; neutral source
Human Sentience Before Birth
Fetal Psychology Psychology Today
Fetal Surgery - Samuel Alexander Armas's Story
Update on Samuel
Surgery in womb tests faith, technology
Struggling Photographer Chooses Principle Over Money
Fetal Surgery for Spina Bifida
Baby Samuel and Mother Doing Well After Fetal Surgery
Samuel's Spina Bifida Surgery In Utero the photographer's web site
Unborn Children Respond Early to Pain London Times
Does a Fetus Feel Pain?
Does the Fetus Feel Pain?
Foetus 'may feel pain as early as six weeks old' U.K. News
New England Journal of Medicine on fetal pain
Abortion doctors may give foetuses painkiller U.K. News
Revealed: new-born babies feel pain quicker and longer U.K. News
Unborn baby 'feels no pain in abortion' U.K. News
Abortion Survivors
Fetal Psychology
Preemie Extraordinaìre
More ultrasound
16-week-old identical twins
Three Months
Six Months, Hand
3D Gallery
Skeleton of unborn child
Five Fingers
Ultrasound images of unborn children
Ultrasound images of unborn children scroll down
Head and Fist

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