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Human Rights

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Amnesty International
Human Rights Watch
United Nations
Jews for Life
Ragged Edge rights for the disabled
Pearl S. Buck International sponsor a mixed race child overseas
Christian Children's Fund sponsor a needy child overseas in the name of Jesus
Afghan Women under the Tyranny of the Fundamentalists
Christian Law Association free legal help for Christians whose constitutional rights are being violated by government
Female Genital Mutilation
Free the Children International
Human Rights International

Down Syndrome, Special Needs

Down Syndrome Sites on the Internet Down's Syndrome Parenting Special Needs
More links on Down Syndrome

Clube dos Direitos Humanos in Portuguese


Official Web Site of Tibetan government in exile
TibetNet - Tibetan Government-in-Exile Multi-Lingual Site
US Tibet Committee
World Tibet Day
Tibet: Where Women Are Forced To Have Abortions
Friends of Tibet
Canada Tibet Committee
Tibet Online
Tibet Information Network
Tibetan Sponsorship Project
Tibet Fund
Nat Hentoff on the exclusion of the Dalai Lama from the U.N. conference
Free Tibet Web Ring
Free Tibet Webring
Tibet Society of the United Kingdom
Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy
Independent Tibet Network
Free Tibet Campaign
International Tibet Independence Movement
Worldbridges Tibet
Gesellschaft Schweizerisch-Tibetische Freundschaft auf deutsch
Tibetan Studies
Free Tibet And You Yahoo! club
Facts about Tibet
Save Tibet
World Artists for Tibet
Tibet House

Web Sites of Personal Friends

Sandeep Chowdhury's site contains reprints of some of the more famous literature of India
Shivdeep Singh's site concerned with the oppression of Tibet, partly in Tibetan


Medical Journal Exposes Cuba's Failed "Doctor Diplomacy"
Stop the Seattle Church Council from helping tyranny in Cuba!
Staff Opposed Elian Seizure
No Castro nor his regime
Impeach Reno Now
La Poderosa
Cuba: Exodus, Living Conditions and Human Rights
Day of Shame
New Generation Cuba Nueva Generación
La Lista de los Derechos del Cuidadano
Unidad Cubana
Alpha 66
Brigada 2506
Wings of Valor
WAQI Radio Mambi
Keep Elian Free
Fundacion "Humanismo sin Fronteras"
Cuban American National Foundation
Facts About Cuban Exiles
La Voz de Cuba Libre
Cuba Independiente y Democratica
Cuba's Repressive Machinery Human Rights Watch
Cuba: Dissidents imprisoned or forced into exile Amnesty International
Cuba - Derechos Humanos Nizkor Project
Cuba Links comprehensive list
Hermanos al Rescate - Brothers to the Rescue
Clandestine Radio: An Anti-Castro Historiography
Pax Christi Cuba
Evangelical Christian Humanitarian Outreach
Directorio Revolucionario Democratico Cubano
CubaNet News
La Patria es de Todos
Free Cuba Foundation Cuba Libre
Carta de Cuba
La Nueva Cuba
Cuba Megalinks
The Ultimate Cuban Webpage/Le Ultimate Pagina de Cuba
Nuestra Cuba

Libertarian and Conservative Sites

Reason Magazine
The Rutherford Institute legal assistance for persons denied constitutional rights, specializing in First Amendment rights
American Center for Law and Justice
Foundation for Economic Education
The Heritage Foundation
Keyes2000 Alan Keyes for President of the United States
Nosy Questionnaires of schoolchildren
For Starters, The Government Should Do No Harm
Are We Becoming a Society of Snoops?
Frontiers of Freedom
Landmark Legal Foundation
National Review
Texas Justice Foundation
Town Hall: Conservative News and Information
National Right to Work Foundation
National Rifle Association
American Land Rights Association
Citizens for the Protection of Private Property Rights

Defenders of Property Rights legal defense organization
Washington Legal Foundation

Environmental Issues and Organizations

Greening Earth Society
Fossil Fuels Organization
Science & Environmental Policy Project
Eco Envirnomental Conservation Organization
Frontiers of Freedom
Environmental Perspectives, Inc.
Mark of hot dispute BBC
Southern Africa Environment Page
Africa 2000
Eugenics Watch If you think Americans are doing a favor by promoting birth control in Africa, think again
Index of Members of the American Eugenics Society lists Margaret Sanger
Sovereignty International
Doomsayer Paul Ehrlich Strikes Out Again
Environmentalists for Life

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