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Abortion and Substance Abuse
Post Abortion Stress Syndrome
Multiple Complications from Abortion
Abortion and Breast Cancer
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Abortion: Major Women Killer


Medical or Chemical Abortions Why Can't We Love Them Both?
Abortion Methods Why Can't We Love Them Both?
Is Abortion Ever Safe?
Beware of Maternal and Fetal Indications
Deconstructing Rosie: A disinformation campaign

Abortion and Substance Abuse

Are Abortion and Substance Abuse Linked? paper originally published in American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Complete text of above article


Post Abortion Stress Syndrome Information from a pro-choice woman; highly recommended
A List of Major Psychological Sequelae of Abortion
Pro-choice Researchers Acknowledge Existence of Post Abortion Syndrome
Grief after abortion
Post Abortion Anguish
Post Abortion Syndrome Leadership U
Second Victims of Abortion Leadership U
The Aftereffects of Abortion
Post Abortion Syndrome - Who is at Risk?
More on Post Abortion Syndrome
What is Post Abortion Stress Syndrome? FAQ
Forced Labor

Multiple Complications

Women and Abortion sample: pelvic infection occurs in 30% of all cases: American Journal of OBGYN
Does Abortion Boost Risk of Cerebral Palsy?
European Medical Journal exposes Abortion-Cerebral-Palsy
Abortion Risks and Complications
Abortion Complications
The Cover-Up: Why U.S. Abortion Mortality Statistics Are Meaningless
Abortion Risks: A list of major physical complications related to abortion
Effects of Abortion Including Known Complications
Why Can't We Love Them Both? Immediate Maternal Complications
Why Can't We Love Them Both? Maternal Death and Long Term Complications
Why Can't We Love Them Both? Neonatal & Childhood Sequelae
Safe Abortions are Science Fiction Neonatal & Childhood Sequelae
Abortion vs. Childbirth by Frank Joseph, M.D.
Abortion Drug Adverse Events Reported by Frank Joseph, M.D.
Post Abortion Syndrome in Women lots of information about both medical and emotional consequences
post abortion links
Identifying High Risk Abortion Patients
The Risks and Complications of Abortion
Physical Complications
Results of a Thirty Year Experiment on Women
Psychological Consequences
First Relief, Then Regret
Abortion Hurts Women Part I massive collection of research
Abortion Hurts Women Part II massive collection of research

Breast Cancer

Research Indicates Abortion Linked with Breast Cancer
8th Medical Organization Acknowledges Abortion-Cancer Link
Breast Cancer and Abortion
Breast Cancer Prevention Institute
John Kindley Home Page Web site on abortion, breast cancer, and informed consent
Wisconsin Law Review article on abortion and breast cancer
Breast Cancer: Its Link to Abortion and the Birth Control Pill book by Chris Kahlenborn, M.D., extensive online review
Abortion - Breast Cancer Link Medical Information
The Abortion-Breast Cancer Link is America's Best Kept Secret
More on abortion and breast cancer
Abortion and breast cancer
The Breast Cancer/Abortion Connection
The Abortion/Breast Cancer Link by John Kindley Wisconsin Law Review
ABC Lawsuit Press release by John Kindley
Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer
The Breast Cancer/ Abortion Connection Index Contains medical information


The RU486 Files
Group lied when it said ‘abortion pill’ test resulted in no complications
Look away, look away: the rage for RU-486


Pre Abortion Checklist
Abortion, morning after pill cause ectopic pregnancy life-threatning to the mother - BBC News
Abortion causes ectopic pregnancies
Becky Bell She did not die from abortion
Susanne Logan's Story

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