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In Nae

by Pat Goltz

This was my creative form for my second degree recommended black belt testing in taekwondo.

In Nae means Perseverence. It is one of the tenets of taekwondo.

"Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain. And every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown; but we an incorruptible." I Corinthians 9:24-25.

Paul is comparing living the Christian faith to running a race. He refers to the ancient Greek Olympic games, where competitors ran a race for a perishable crown of laurel leaves. We Christians are to run the race of our life for an incorruptible eternal crown, available to all, not merely to one winner. This is an excellent description of the quality of perseverence.

In order to come to this day to perform this form, I had to exercise perseverence. I had to overcome many adverse events in my life, which created stress, as well as personal weakness due in part to unknowingly breathing auto exhaust fumes every time I drove to class for the better part of a year. It is my hope and prayer that I will set an example of perseverence for others. May 5, 2000.

1. fists on hips.
2. turning right 90 degrees into left back stance, double knifehand guarding block.
3. left inside crescent kick, spinning into...
4. right side kick, landing in left front stance in the opposite direction.
5. left neck grab.
6. left front kick to opponent's body.
7. from the same position, high knifehand X block, grabbing opponent's wrist and pulling to right waist.
8. right knee into opponent's body.
9. move 180 degrees into left middle stance, square block with closed fists.
10. left knifehand from above onto shoulder area of opponent to left.
11. maintaining the left hand in that position, right inside crescent kick to hand.
12. right elbow head smash against left hand.
13. now facing left of front, in left middle stance, slow tension from that position into left low knifehand block, right high knifehand block.
14. right twist kick to opponent in front of you.
15. turning 45 degrees to left, go into middle stance, left open palmheel block to right punch of opponent.
16. right punch to solar plexus.
17. left punch to solar plexus.
18. turning 135 degrees into left back stance, facing away from front, advanced double knifehand block.
19. step out with left foot, entering right back stance, still facing backwards, advanced double knifehand block.
20. step out with right foot, entering into left back stance, still facing backwards, left 9 block.
21. step out with left foot, entering into right back stance, still facing backwards, right 9 block.
22. slow tension left side kick to rear.
23. bringing left foot down, reverse right crescent kick, landing in right back stance still facing backward.
24. right front kick, kihap.
25. turning 90 degrees, right round kick to the same point, kihap.
26. landing in extended low left front stance facing 90 degrees to left of previous position, to the side, slow tension move with right hand opening into right open hand block to opponent directly in front.
27. slow tension left double spearfinger to eyes of opponent, to right of right hand in blocking position.
28. rapidly execute a right back fist to opponent's right temple.
29. follow immediately with a right knifehand to left side of opponent's neck.
30. turn head to left, followed by left c block grabbing opponent's right hand, opponent being to the left, in the frontwards direction, moving into left front stance.
31. right elbow to opponent's head.
32. right shin to opponent's right shin, takedown.
33. right punch to opponent's face.
34. going into left back stance, double low knifehand block, facing left of front
35. slow tension right hook kick to front
36. with the same foot, rapid round kick to same spot.
37. right backfist to opponent's left temple.
38. jump spin 180 degrees into right back stance, left backfist to opponent's right temple.
39. running jump right sidekick to front, landing in left back stance.
40. left vertical punch to front, kihap.
41. stepping back, fists to hips.

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