Epitome - the essence of the Renaissance Woman

This web site is the personal site of my family and friends, and myself. The underlying theme of the site is Renaissance Personhood. The full description of what it means to be a Renaissance person is in this essay. This site includes a wide variety of interests and information, but the underlying theme is that we should strive for excellence in everything we do as persons, and that we should strive to become educated and trained in many different areas of life, to appreciate the beauty and joy around us, and to pass on the inspiration of our lives to others.

Presently included on this site is information on Down Syndrome, the family genealogy, religion, prolife feminism, politics, homeschooling, music, adoption, our family, martial arts, ethnobotany, health, dragons, politics, terrorism, blacked-out heroes (role models for black children), Bible verses in many languages, humor and inspirational messages we have received by email, photography, fractal images, digital landscapes rendered in Terragen, Bryce, and Vue d'Esprit, free backgrounds, and more. Currently, the adoption information is limited to information about my two adopted sons. It has been fun designing this site, and I hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

I have written about what it means to be a Renaissance woman, but I would like to add that for me personally, being a Renaissance woman means that I strive for excellence in all I do, and that I strive to be the woman God intended me to be. I acknowledge that God is the source of my life, my body, my talents, my motivations, and everything about me that makes it possible for me to be who I am. I am gratified and proud to be allowed to decide to be excellent, and that my life has been preserved from major mistakes that would impede my ability to fulfill my destiny. My goal in life is to help other people become learned and virtuous, and to further that goal, I have developed this site.

But whether or not I am a Renaissance woman is a product of God's gifts and the use I make of them.

This page started out originally as a gift from Nancy Imelda Schaefer, who runs Phenomenal Women of the Web. I have chosen to disassociate myself from that organization because of the many examples I found of people who were involved who were not leading virtuous lives, and who were promoting their lifestyle. I have no hard feelings against her or the organization, nor do I have any feelings against any of the members, or even their lifestyles, it's just not something I want to be affiliated with any longer. Perhaps it can be said that it is an honor to have been chosen, and in some sense it is. However, I have chosen to focus on receiving the respect of people with the Renaissance Person outlook, which includes the practice of virtue.

-- Pat Goltz

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