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Renaissance Personhood

Statement of Purpose

This describes the theme of this web site, and its purpose

March, 2001

This web site focuses heavily on the issue of abortion. Our approach to abortion is rooted in the notion that if women will become Renaissance Women, the demand for abortion would be greatly reduced or even eliminated.

What is a Renaissance Woman?

The term "Renaissance Man" or "universal genius" was used in the past to describe a person who was knowledgeable about so many different subjects as to be said to know everything. While it is impossible to know everything, or even a small part of everything, even more so today than it was then, the terms refer to a person who has learning so vast as to seem to know everything. The most noted example of a Renaissance Man is Leonardo da Vinci, artist and engineer, who designed technological devices many centuries ahead of his time.

Until recently, it was never suggested that a woman could ever fit that definition. We are now suggesting that not only can we, but we must.

If we as women will concentrate on developing our own skills, capacities, knowledge, appreciation for beauty, self-respect, ethics, and other positive qualities, we will have the tools we need to deal with temptations that will lead to unwanted pregnancy. We will not be seeking questionable liaisons with men who lie to us with sweet and honeyed terms of endearment for the sole purpose of taking advantage of our bodies, nor will we tolerate a marital relationship that is so abusive that we will not welcome all children conceived in it. If men can be inspired to become Renaissance men, they will not be seeking their pleasure at the expense of others, but will, instead, find pleasure in learning, creating, and achievement.

This web site focuses on education and learning. It focuses on an attempt to present information, resources, and knowledge in many different fields, and to inspire and inform. Some sections seek to inform and motivate; others seek to teach us to appreciate beauty. The section on religion is intended to share the very basis of Renaissance personhood, which is belief in the God Who made the universe, and Who made us to be excellent and well versed in many fields. We hope to inspire people to become, insofar as possible, the people that God intended them to be when He made them. To that end, the basic gospel message is presented through Bible verses arranged for that purpose, in many different languages. At present, there are 125 languages in that section.

In addition to the knowledge, this web site shares information about a family of Renaissance men and women and a few of their friends. We briefly describe each one here.

Fletcher. 1912-2001. Fletcher had a PhD in mathematics. He was interested in classical music and photography. He was also a computer programmer. When time permits, this web site will display some of his photography.

Myrtle. Myrtle has a bachelor's degree in German and a master's degree in music. She plays piano and organ and has taught piano. She is also interested in art, knitting, painting, reading, creative memories, computers, figure skating (watching), old movies, gardening, Japanese flower arranging and tea ceremony, composing, photography, contemporary art and architecture, rock collecting, genealogy, and sewing. She says she is interested in everything. She speaks German as well as English.

Dennis and Anna. This married couple has devoted their lives to the pursuit of music. Anna plays piano and handles the administration of the music studio and youth orchestras. Dennis plays violin, viola, and conducts. Together, they have trained and prepared hundreds of string musicians, many of whom have gone on to study at the top music conservatories in the nation, followed by careers in some very prominent musical groups. Together, they run six youth orchestras that operate simultaneously, and two music camps: one in Idaho and one in Arizona. Dennis and Anna are family friends.

John. John is the founder of CompuServe. He has a PhD in electrical engineering. He is an expert computer programmer and can learn a new programming language in a matter of days. He has a wide variety of interests, including amateur radio, model train layouts and radio controlled model trains, science fiction, classical music, photography, religious cults, cultures of other lands, and plays the Asian game of Go.

Pat. Pat is the webmistress of this web site. Her section of the web site reflects her many interests, and in addition, she is interested in law, fiber arts, ceramics, drawing, midwifery, swimming, mountain climbing and hiking, collecting rocks, composing, science fiction, Go, and traveling; in short, she is interested in just about everything. She is one of two cofounders of Feminists for Life. She reads 15 languages, and plays piano, organ, classical guitar, and recorder, and sings in a number of languages. She lives in southern Arizona.

Maribeth. Maribeth is a family friend. She has seven children, has homeschooled, is interested in art and music, herbology and midwifery, photography, animals, and speaks Spanish as well as English. She operates a small business selling crafts, both handmade by herself, and imported from Mexico.

Becky. Becky is interested in genealogy, memory books, advocating for special needs people, National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, parents' support groups for people with disabilities, computers, needlework, art, photography, medicine, traveling, especially by train, and animals. She plays piano and organ. She is also interested in just about everything.

David. David is a Lutheran pastor. He also plays organ, piano, and guitar. He is interested in model trains, medicine, animals, and gardening. He likes being a professional student and teaching.

Tom. Tom is a computer programmer who is interested in history, autocross racing, photography, classical music, science fiction, and contra dancing. He also plays Go.

Marti. Marti holds a first degree black belt in taekwondo. She is interested in stamp collecting, training dogs, art, breeding fish, photography, horseback riding, and skiing, reads science fiction, and plays Go.

Allen. Allen plays violin, viola, trombone, piano, handbells, sings opera, and conducts. He plays both classical and jazz and sings in six languages. He is interested also in acting, directing, videography, does very fine pencil portraits, and is also interested in African-American culture. He has worked as a server in a fine restaurant, and as a staff member for Tucson Junior Strings. He has also worked for a company that provides services to the disabled. He teaches both string and voice students.

Ken. Ken has a license as a paramedic. He also holds a first degree black belt recommended in taekwondo, works in care homes for the elderly, plays trumpet, and is interested in planes and cars, and in police work, fire fighting, and history. He repairs his own Volkswagon bug.

Marc. Marc holds a second degree black belt in taekwondo. His college degree is in materials science and engineering, in which field he works. He is also interested in scientific creationism and tall ships.

Heidi. Heidi has three associates degrees. She is interested in photography, web design, child development, plays viola and flute, holds a first degree black belt recommended in taekwondo, and has been involved in the crisis pregnancy movement.

Philip. Phil works for a cable TV company. He holds a fourth degree black belt in taekwondo and is a certified instructor. He is interested in astronomy, photography, rock climbing, youth work through the Lutheran Church, and he plays the French horn. He also plays Go.

Ruth. Ruth is Phil's wife. She is an excellent artist. She is interested in astronomy and computing. She also designs web sites.

Victor. Victor has been called into the ministry. He is interested in architecture, youth work through the Lutheran Church, photography, police work and criminal justice, and plays classical guitar and clarinet. He holds a second degree black belt in taekwondo. At present, he is serving as a Chaplain's Assistant with the Army, in and out of Iraq.

Tim. Tim is a Lutheran pastor. He is interested in foreign languages, especially Russian, in which he is fluent, traveling to Russia, and art. Tim also knows Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, and speaks German. Tim is Rachel's husband.

Rachel. Rachel is interested in music. She plays piano and organ. She is also interested in sewing, art, teaching, being a student, theology, disabilities, and in being an advocate for the disabled.

Jonathan. Jonathan is interested in computers and programming, and is studying in the field in college. He is interested in helping the disabled, singing, and animals. He works with the disabled.

Michael. Michael plays guitar and has a green belt in taekwondo. He is interested in music, animals, acting and improvisation.

Timothy. Timothy has Down Syndrome. But even a person with Down Syndrome can be a Renaissance person. Timothy has phenomenal language development, much beyond his age. He has memorized hundreds of songs, the Lutheran liturgy (both sides), entire movie scripts, and has been known to carry on deep philosophical discussions, even as a preschooler. He is interested in music and likes to shadow-conduct. He is also interested in recess and lunch, animals, reading, languages, and horticulture. He has earned medals in special olympics. He is deeply in love with the Lord Jesus.

Harrison. Harrison is a family friend. He has degrees in botany. His home is partly built of rocks he has collected, and he displays mountains of rocks and all sorts of native plants in his yard. He has also composed nearly 200 waltzes, polkas, and suites for piano and plays both piano and organ. He maintains the indoor plants at Tucson International Airport and offers classes in landscaping and rockhounding. He maintains a collection of thousands of books on botany. He reads three languages and speaks two. He has a wonderful childlike sense of humor. At one time, he also had a collection of over 125 species of palms. He has traveled to Germany and also pursues photography and videography. Harrison is 80 years young. We will have a page featuring him, his rocks and plants, yard, and photography, soon.

Not everyone has a detailed page on this site; pages will be added as time permits. Also, as time permits, there will be information on our ancestors, who were fascinating people!

We hope you enjoy our web site, and find it informative and inspirational. We hope that it inspires you to become a Renaissance person.

Renaissance People on the Internet


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My appreciation to Wizzle for some of the background material. Wizzle is also a Renaissance woman.