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Do not mess with dragons, for you are soft and crunchy and good with ketchup.

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This needlepoint dragon is one which I made. To make it, among other things, I invented a stitch, which is used in the dragon's scales. This style of needlepoint uses unusual stitches and yarns.

Dragon art and dragon legend are widespread throughout the world. What are the original dragons? I believe they were dinosaurs. I regard the existence of dragon art and dragon myth as evidence that dinosaurs and people walked the earth together. In addition, the existence of the Loch Ness monster, the fact we have found fossil footprints of dinosaurs and humans intermingled, and the recent recordings of the loud roar of a large unknown animal in the African jungle all point to the same probability. For more information on this and related topics, please see my evidence page.

The images in the galleries are from my personal collection of dragons and dragon images from around the world. I am pleased to share these images with you. If I know the country of origin, I give it. In some cases, so I am told, a male and female dragon must stay together. In the galleries, there is one light green male-female pair, and also a rich dark red male-female pair in separate but adjacent images. Some of the dragons are three dimensional, so occasionally I show you the front and the back.

Please note: right-clicking on thumbnails does NOT work. Left-clicking automatically opens a new window. The thumbnails stay loaded on your browser for quick response. Clicking on either the corner x or the up arrow automatically closes the extra window. Your browser must be javascript enabled for you to view the large photos.

All original art on this web site is copyright 1999-2005 by the artist.

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Here are two dragons which I adopted:

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Some images courtesy Art Today

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