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Good health is not a prerequisite for Renaissance Personhood; however, seeking to bring harmony to mind and body, and to find harmonious ways to maintain or restore health, is.

This page offers links to information which is alternative to that of the medical Establishment. It also contains essays I have written on various topics, drawn in part from my own personal experience. It consists of my opinions. I am a person who has used natural healing alternatives for three decades.

This page is not intended as medical advice. For medical advice, please see your doctor. This page is for informational purposes only. You are solely responsible for the use to which you put the information.

Ethnobotany This includes information on edible and medicinal plants.
Caution: Abortion is dangerous to your health
Caution: Abortion is deadly to your life
War on the Lowly Onion
Gatorade is Nasty Stuff
Multi-level Marketing Important: many businesses that sell supplements and other things to help with our health are business scams! Not to mention the fact that the products are usually overpriced and of inferior quality anyway. What's the point of restoring health if you destroy a person financially???

Coming soon: information on homebirths, the dangers of Monosodium Glutimate, and what to do about its prevalence in food, and why I chose to treat health problems nonmedically.

Genetically Engineered Food
Magnesium Stearate
Secondhand Smoke

Dr. Mercola An encyclopedia of information on all kinds of health problems.
Natural News Excellent health information. But some of his political views are pretty whacked out. And he does multi-level marketing. MLM is giving natural medicine a VERY bad name!
Jerry Brunetti - Food as Medicine Very long videos packed with information.
Morgellons: Terrifying New Disease Reaching Pandemic Status
International Caesarean Awareness Network Information on how to avoid Caesarians, and how to get the doctor to allow you to give birth vaginally subsequently (VBAC)
Jason Cairns from OrganicJar: plagiarism. I personally checked this out.

Genetically Engineered Food

Hazards of Genetically Engineered Foods and Crops
Monsanto Whistleblower Says Genetically Engineered Crops May Cause Disease
Genetically Engineered Foods May Pose National Health Risk
2005, a Scary Year for Genetically Engineered Crops
New Book: 'Genetically Modified (GM) Food: A Guide for the Confused FAQ

Magnesium Stearate, Stearic Acid, Vegetable Stearate

Beware of Additives in Supplements
Additive-free Supplements - Why We Use No Additives

Coming soon: an article about my PERSONAL experience with magnesium stearate. Do you think your symptoms are due to aging? Not necessarily! If you find you are being harmed, raise a stink! The supplements people think magnesium stearate is safe! IT MOST EMPHATICALLY IS NOT, and it's a pain in the neck to find supplements free of it, and if you have to take a pharmaceutical drug, you might as well forget about trying to find one that's free of it. I have put hundreds of hours into research on this, and all I was trying to do is locate an antibiotic I can take. Wow! You wouldn't BELIEVE how impossible that is. Look for eyes drying out at night (maybe implication in cataracts?), dry skin, and impaired circulation. And while we are on the subject, check out the obnoxious, dangerous substances and manufacturing processes used to make VCaps for the vegetarians! I have to empty most of my capsules and take the contents in liquid to avoid this. Links provided when I have time.

Secondhand Smoke

Links on Smoking

Smoking Rights and Wrongs my article on Squidoo
Secondhand Smoke
How Dangerous is Outdoor Second-Hand Smoke?
Second-Hand Smoke Kills Your Kids!
The Amazing, True Cost of Smoking Ignore the advice to use the Emotional Freedom Technique. It may be a religious practice with serious spiritual consequences.
Cigarettes Cost U.S. Additional $7 Per Pack Sold in Medical and Other Costs

Please note: I violently disagree with Dr. Mercola on whether people should be encouraged to stop smoking. I think he's all wet! But he does have some good information. Ignore the advice to use the Emotional Freedom Technique. It may be a religious practice with serious spiritual consequences. There are natural remedies for stress.


Please note: I do not endorse the religious views on most of these web sites. If the religious views expressed on those web sites are not in substantial agreement with the religious views presented on this web site, please do not pay any attention to them! And please note: some natural healing modalities contain hidden religious implications. I will talk more about that in the future.

Life Science Mission Excellent healing methods; but ignore his religion.
For Your Own Good...Nazi American Medicine
A Politically Incorrect Way to Die
Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Learn the truth about socialized medicine
La Leche League International
Health Warning to All Expectant Mothers Ignore the link to "whatareweswallowing". It now goes to a porn site.
Soy Beans and other topics
Nutritional and Metabolic TeleMedicine John Dommisse, MD
Mad Child Diseasenew!


Please be aware that I knew a family where the daughter received polio vaccination. Shortly thereafter, her father caught polio and died. They attributed his death to the fact his daughter had been immunized with live polio vaccine.

Vaccination Liberation Information quotes new!
Mercury Linked to Autismnew!
Flu Shots and The New Adjuvants Beware!new!
Global Vaccine Awareness League
National Vaccine Information Center
Australian Vaccination Network
Global Vaccine Awareness League
Vaccination and its Victims
National Vaccine Information Center
Library of Vaccine Articles
Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education
Vaccination Quiz
Is There Hanky-Panky Behind Mandatory Vaccines?
Why Vaccines Don't Work as Advertised
Why Vaccines Aren't Safe
Why I Never Get Flu Shots
Mercury isn't the Only Toxic Item in Vaccines
Vaccine Safety and Benefits Not Scientifically Proven
Vaccines and Neurological Damage

Water Fluoridation

The Absurdities of Water Fluoridation
Fluoride: Protected Pollutant or Panacea? And by the way, I have information personally that would implicate fluoride both as a cause for Down syndrome, and as a cause of early onset Alzheimer's in Downs patients
Fluoride Research
Green Tea, Fluoride, and the Thyroid
Fluoride and the Thyroid
Fluoride and Lead Frances Frech was a personal friend who frequently spoke about fluoride to me

Alternative Medicine

Center for Complex Infectious Diseases
The Eye Site
Linus Pauling Institute
The Michael Fund pro-life research on Down syndrome
Journal of Longevity
International Academy of Alternative and Anti-Aging Medicine
Gero Vita International I am no longer recommending this site, because they now require that you accept cookies. That is unacceptable to me. But here is the link if you want to go there anyway.
Credence Publications
Ann Wigmore Foundation
Ann Wigmore Institute
Living Foods Institute
Living Foods UK
International Association of Cancer Victors and Friends (IACVF) California, others listed
Life Science Mission
Life Extension Foundation
Tucson Clinic of Botanical Medicine
Nutri-West Nutrition Supplements
Cforyourself: Vitamin C for Optimum Health
Dr. Joseph Mercola's website and enewsletter
Holistic Medicine Web Page

Some of the background material graciously provided by Gedeon


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