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The nourishment which beauty gives to the soul is essential for the development of Renaissance Personhood. This beauty is pursued through the arts, and requires the pursuit of only the most excellent and uplifting expressions. Only to the extent that the arts awaken the awareness of human suffering and thus the burning desire to alleviate it, may this rule be broken. All forms of art that seek to debase both art and human dignity are inimical to the development of the spirit.

treble clef The music for this page is Tarantelle Op. 16 by Henryk Wieniawski. I chose it because it is something that I got to hear frequently from attending string recitals, and therefore learned to love. This MIDI sequence is from the Classical MIDI Archives, sequenced by E. & A. Chan - by permission.

Tucson Junior Strings

My Rachmaninoff Story

More material on music in the Homeschooling section
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Shinichi Suzuki Had a Good Idea, But...
My Answer
Another Response

Links to information about famous black musicians:
Blacked-Out Heroes

Tucson Junior Strings Tour Photos

Photo credits Allen and Heidi Goltz. Allen is a talented young musician who plays (or has played) viola, violin, trombone, piano, handbells, sings opera, and conducts. Allen's page has links to opera companies with which he has performed.

Tour1 Chamber Music in the Mountains Music Camp
Tour2 Florida
Tour3 Florida, Washington D.C.
Tour4 Washington D.C.
Tour5 Washington D.C., Seattle and Vancouver
Tour6 Seattle and Vancouver, Allen


Naxos "The World's Leading Classical Music Label"
Music Labels for your music recordings -
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Instrument Jokes
Viola Jokes Three pages of them

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