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This is one of bunches of links pages on our site. This is for the links I couldn't figure out where else to put. The other links are on pages of relevant content.

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Email Hoaxes, Spam
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Philip and Ruth

Friends and Acquaintances

In no particular order.

(If you are not on this list, you are somewhere else on my web site, or if not, you will be!)

Mary S. Neff
The Raven Ezine
Claire's Home Page Her focus is her kidney transplant.
Shivdeep's Non Official Home Page Information on Tibet; partly in Tibetan.
Gabi's Homepage Stuff on digital landscape programs
Erin's Page Lazy Beetle Bug
Missing My Baby Adoption
Cyberworld of Sandeep Chowdhury Literature of India
Laurenz Bobke: English Homepage Link to German page; wonderful photographs
Lorena Carrington Photography From Australia
Underwater Photography by Michel Scokaert
Stuart and Nikki's Place from Australia; photography
Amy Newcomb Photography & Art
Diversions by Gedeon
George Lauterstein, Photographer


Astrophotography by Jerry Lodriguss
Northern Lights Photos by Jan Curtis
Peachin & Peachin - Leaders in World Adventure
Carolyn Gargaro's Web Site
Write for Life Sass Seagal's Page
Phil and Deb Rogers Homepage Their pro-life site
Isomorphisms - Brenda Fine's homepage - Telling it like it is since 1993
Karina Vargas' site - in Spanish from Ecuador


Urban Legends

This section provides links to VITAL information about email scams of all kinds. People who forward emails like these cause SERIOUS harm to the internet by clogging the system and making it slow, and very aggravating. Most particularly, I am urped by the emails that talk about an email tracking system. There is NO SUCH THING! We don't have the technology to do that! (I'm glad, because I like my privacy!) PLEASE: if you get one of these, please do NOT forward it to me or anybody else. They are HOAXES!

There is NO SUCH THING as an email tracking program If you forward this one, you are displaying ignorance and gullibility. You also aggravate the heck out of me!
A warning about a bill being considered by Congress to charge 5 per email is also a hoax: it would require an email tracking program. I repeat: there is NO SUCH THING.
Internet Chain Letters what they do to the internet
Internet email petitions are worse than useless
8 common scams: How to spot them and stop them
Be Scam Wise
No, they won't be banning Touched by an Angel Quit worrying already!
Nigerian Petroleum Corporation Scam Letters etc.
Nigerian Scam If someone from Africa offers you a large sum of money, run like the dickens! They will induce you to pay money to grease palms and suchlike, and when you get suspicious, they're gone, with your money.
More on Nigerian Scam
Nigerian Scam from
Advance fee fraud
Other scams
Identity theft Canadian BBB
Lottery scams Canadian BBB
Advance Fee Loan Scams Canadian BBB
Nigerian Letter Scams Canadian BBB
Secured Credit Card Marketing Scams Federal Trade Commission
Canadian Council of BBB's Scam Information
Work-at-Home Schemes
Urban Legends Reference Pages Please, if you get a chain letter, check it out to see if it's true before you pass it on. PLEASE! Don't make me have to educate you!


How about those unfortunate women in Afghanistan? The story about them is true; the email address has long since been turned off because they were flooded with emails. Sending it on is an exercise in futility, and further clogs the internet. Email petitions in general are worse than useless; they siphon off valuable concern into a direction where all it will do is to clog the internet. UPDATE! The good news is that because of U.S. action in Afghanistan, the situation there is much improved.
Kelsey Brooke Jones was found a year ago Please do not forward email messages about her.
List of information about missing and sick children Please check here first before forwarding emails about them. Thank you.
Truth Or Fiction
Computer Virus Myths Before getting alarmed about the latest "virus," check here and see if it's real.
How to spot a hoax computer virus alert
Hoax Pages Links on Urban Legends
AFU and Urban Legends Archive
Trend Micro Hoax Encyclopedia Covers virus hoaxes and other email hoaxes
Hoax Warnings from F-Secure Corporation
Symantec All kinds of information about viruses, real and imaginary
Sophos Virus information


Please note: if you get an email asking you to help transfer large sums of money out of any country in Africa, if you will just provide them with information about your bank account, don't bite! They'll transfer large sums of money, all right: right OUT of your bank account and into theirs. They'll also ask you for small sums of money to bribe a local official or otherwise expedite the transfer. As soon as you start to question, they vanish. This hoax is decades old; just a variation on the theme of people claiming to investigate bank fraud, asking little old ladies on pensions for a checking or savings account number so they can track the persons engaged in the fraud, and then emptying their bank account. The usual rule applies: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Fight Spam on the Internet!
Spam: Where to Complain About Frauds & Scams on the Internet
What's Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing? There are plenty of links to other good information. Multi-Level Marketing has a flawed business model. Either you will not even make minimum wage, or you will make money by taking advantage of other people who do not even make minimum wage. If any E-company you want to do business with has an affiliate program, check to see if it allows you to sign up other people (downline). If it does, it's MLM. Run! If you stay, you'll only waste valuable personal resources and you will not experience any gain.
FTC: 12 Scams Most Likely to Arrive via Bulk Email
Spam Cop Report spam

Humor & Fun

Unusual Stuff, Not Necessarily Humorous

Cat Thoughts
Son of Spam


Animal Dance Pages

Hampster Dance The Original
Fishydance Be sure and run your mouse over the fish!
Frog Dance
Dance pages
The Dancing Cow Page
The Boogie Blocks


Dialect pages

Beginning dialect pages. Try some other dialect.
If you aren't tired of that kind of foolishment yet, try this one.
And here's one more: Woohoo!
And if all that's too tame, try shredding these pages.
Crazy Libs New version of your favorite story
Word Police Academy
Strine and Australian Slang


Miscellaneous Humor & Other stuff

The Geek Test
Bill Gates & the Nefarious Crew at Microsoft Some of this is pretty raunchy, and some of it pretty good.
The Onion A word about this web site: this is all a satire. Some of it is very funny, most of it is blah, and some of it is offensive. If you receive this link from anyone promoting it as factual, DO NOT BELIEVE IT. There is NOTHING FACTUAL on the site. So please be aware of this site and what it really is.
The Chaser News Onion from Down Under
Satire Wire More of the same
Ridiculopathy Summore
Dumb Laws
Order a Klein Bottle Or read his site just for fun!
Origami Boulder Company Reminds me of the Klein Bottle site.
National Hobo Association
The Irrational Toast Math humor
'Nother one like that.
Chocolate poems


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