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Down Syndrome

If a person with Down syndrome were given a proper education, he or she could be a Renaissance Person. That person's parents certainly should be. Does having a child with Down syndrome serve as a strong motivation for parents to become Renaissance People? We think it does. And we believe this applies to all disabilities.

Just for the fun of it, here's a little bit of music: Golliwog's Cake Walk by Claude Debussy. Courtesy of Classical Midi Archives.

When Your Child Is Special

Timothy's Story, Part 1

Thoughts on Having a Nephew with Down Syndrome

A Wonderful Visit

Timothy's Photos

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Timothy's Awards


Mosaic Moments special treat: videos of Sujeet Desai. Scroll down. This guy is awesome!

Please come back soon! We have lots more to put here, including more family photographs, and more essays.

Becky's Page

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