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Fractal Art contest 2000
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My Renderosity Gallery

This is a collection of fractals, made mostly with Ultrafractal and Xenodream.

Bryce images with Ultrafractal textures

The nourishment which beauty gives to the soul is essential for the development of Renaissance Personhood. This beauty is pursued through the arts, and requires the pursuit of only the most excellent and uplifting expressions. Only to the extent that the arts awaken the awareness of human suffering and thus the burning desire to alleviate it, may this rule be broken. All forms of art that seek to debase both art and human dignity are inimical to the development of the spirit.

Please note: right-clicking on thumbnails does NOT work. Left-clicking automatically opens a new window. The thumbnails stay loaded on your browser for quick response. Clicking on either the corner x or the up arrow automatically closes the extra window. Your browser must be javascript enabled for you to view the large images. In order to preserve the quality of the fractals, little compression has been used. This means that each image will take longer to load than my photographs.

All original art on this web site is copyright 1999-2009 by the artist.


I have processed a few of my fractal images made in Ultrafractal with Paint Shop Pro.

Fractals are computer generated art, among other things, based on the mathematical formula of Benoit Mandelbrot, known as the Mandelbrot set. Thousands of other formulas have been developed, most of them based on this original formula, or related mathematically in some way.

A frequent question has to do with the very fact that the images are generated by computers. This makes many people wonder if there is really any artistic element to them at all. In truth, there is, because the computer only does what it is told to do by the artist. The artist is the source of the artistry. The artist designs the fractal. The computer is the artist's paint brush, if you will, and the artist's collection of watercolors, pastels, or oils. We wouldn't say that the paint brush made the painting. In the same way, the computer is just a tool. You will observe that fractals truly are art as you examine the styles of many different fractal artists. We each have our own unique style or styles. That is the best evidence that the art really belongs to the human artists, and the computer is just a tool. By using fractal generation programs, the artist designs a unique mathematical formula or small program that will generate the unique image. The artist is always firmly in control of the creative process.


Mandelbrot This first set of fractals is nothing more than different views of the Mandelbrot set. The first image in the series is the complete graph of Mandelbrot's formula. The other images are zooms into parts of the graph. When you zoom in on a fractal, you find that there is more and more detail, the deeper you go. You keep finding the same patterns, smaller, sometimes just a tiny bit different from the larger ones, or from each other. This series will give the neophyte some basic knowledge of what a fractal looks like.


Ultrafractal is a very complex program that makes it possible for the user to make multiple layers, each with its own coloring method and gradient. It is the most powerful program available, and it's shareware! If you would like a copy, go download it from their web site. People who use Ultrafractal like to tweak other people's images, which is to say, they make small changes. Sometimes we will tweak back and forth. Thank you to Queri and Ruth Antwine for permission to present fractals based on their tweaks of my tweaks or vice versa. If you wish to have contact with other users of Ultrafractal, for learning and mutual exchange, you may join the Ultrafractal mailing list. Thank you to the members of the mailing list and to those who wrote Ultrafractal and formulas for it. You are deeply appreciated.


XenoDream makes very different fractals, which therefore appeal to me in a different way. Some of these fractals were made in the currently available version, and some in the beta version, which when I put up the first five galleries, was about to become widely available. XenoDream fractals are made by combining and distorting holons. Don't ask me what holons are; I don't have the foggiest idea. To learn more about XenoDream, visit the Imagicosm. Special thanks to Garth Thornton and Paul N. Lee.


UltraFractals1 early fractals
UltraFractals2 early fractals
UltraFractals3 early fractals
UltraFractals4 early fractals
UltraFractals5 early fractals
UltraFractal Eggs1
UltraFractals7 bright and bold
UltraFractals8 bright and bold
UltraFractals9 bright and bold
UltraFractals10 black and white, monochrome
UltraFractals11 kaleidoscope fractals
UltraFractals12 kaleidoscope fractals
UltraFractals13 earth and wood
UltraFractals14 earth and wood
UltraFractals15 spirals...
UltraFractals16 and more spirals
UltraFractals17 swirlies
UltraFractals18 two sets
UltraFractals19 Barnsley and Ikenaga
UltraFractals20 more Barnsley and Ikenaga
UltraFractals21 miscellaneous
UltraFractals22 miscellaneous
UltraFractals23 miscellaneous
UltraFractals24 miscellaneous
UltraFractals25 miscellaneous
UltraFractals26 miscellaneous
UltraFractals27 spiral series
UltraFractals28 embosses, Chebyshevs, others
UltraFractals29 mostly Chebyshevs
UltraFractals30 Chebyshevs, embosses, miscellaneous
UltraFractals31 spiral series
UltraFractals32 miscellaneous
UltraFractals33 spirals
UltraFractals34 miscellaneous
UltraFractals35 miscellaneous Includes contest entries for Fractal-Art 2000
UltraFractals36 miscellaneous
UltraFractals37 spirals

UltraFractals38 miscellaneous
UltraFractals39 miscellaneous
UltraFractals40 miscellaneous
UltraFractals41 miscellaneous
UltraFractals42 miscellaneous
UltraFractals43 miscellaneous New!
UltraFractals44 miscellaneous New!
UltraFractals45 miscellaneous New!




All New!
Stereograms Cross your eyes and merge the images...
Spiral One spiral, twelve lightings
Flowers One flower, twelve lightings
Flowers The same flower, twelve more lightings

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Photography and Other Art

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