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National Public Radio libels Traditional Values Coalition This is a hate crime, folks!
Traditional Values Coalition
Excommunication Petition of Anti-Christian Catholics FAQ page; excellent essay.
The Honey That Kills significant new strategy against AIDS that has cut infection rates in half in only four years in an African country.
Medical Journal Exposes Cuba's Failed "Doctor Diplomacy"
Adult Stem Cells Completely Cure Sickle Cell Patient They're cord blood cells, not "adult" stem cells," though
La Quinta Inn helps kill babies
Contact La Quinta Inns or email them
The Right of Privacy is a Sham
Pro-Abortion Violence
A Word to Our Friends Who Consider Themselves "Pro-Choice" And Those Who Are Undecided
The Pledge
Anti-Fetal Rhetoric: America's Best-Loved Hate Speech
Abortion: The Shame of America
Pro-Abortion Violence Against Pro-Lifers
For Whom The Bell Tolls? Not For Pro-life Victims!
Cloning is a Threat to Our Humanity
Nice people, these abortionists!
Interrogatory on NRO
Do No Harm - The Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics
I'm Your Doctor And I'm Here to Kill You"
China Uses Abortion as Female Genocide
China Guilty of Sickening Human Rights Abuses Where are the choicer feminists???
Marital Rape and Eminem
America's Best Kept Secret Revealed on abortion and breast cancer, Frank Joseph, M.D.
Protective Medical Decisions Document a pro-life "living will"
Crying Wolf also read her remarks about feminism at the end of the article
The real 'Jane Roe'
Victory for Conscience and Choice
Missing My Baby Adoption Yahoo Club
Does Abortion Cause Cerebral Palsy?
Abortion: the new Holocaust first amendment fight shaping up on U.S. campus: links
Darmok and Jilad at Tanagra
So Much for "Choice"
Radioactive Soil from Nuclear Plants May be Sold to Homes, Farms Immediate action required!!!


Group lied when it said ‘abortion pill’ test resulted in no complications
Guess what! Gloria Steinem got... (I'm still shaking my head over that one!)
Pregnant Women "Inherit" Some Characteristics of their Children ZENIT news agency: dialog between mother and child begins at conception; the baby is not an intruder, but one of three persons involved in a biochemical dialog.
The Respectable Murderers
Will the Real Clinic Violence Please Stand Up?
Do-it-yourself Death
Ending "Legal" Abortion
Does Al Gore Support the Earth Charter? The United Nations conference is a threat to our freedom, and it's happening right now!
Abortion Four Times Deadlier Than Childbirth Recent Finnish Study
The Truth about "Safe" Abortion: Unregulated Clinics, Unreported Casualties iVillage
Straight talk on abortion from a doctor who believes in medical ethics Weekly column
Is Bioethics Ethical? The Nazis have arrived.
Feminism and Abortion Atlantic Monthly editorial
Wake Up Mainstream Feminists There are Women Behind Those Rights
To Go Forward, Feminism Must Redefine Its Ideology Sunspot book review
Our Bodies, Our Souls New Republic editorial
Auto Insurance Scam
Human Rights in Cuba


Pro-abortion Lies Endanger Women and Wanted Children
Pregnant Teen Driven to Abortion Clinic at Gunpoint
American Society of Anesthesiologists Objects to the Lies
Why Are Gas Prices So High? A Must-Read Editorial
The Victims of Pornography
Victims of Pornography
It's Later Than You Think!
JAMA Women's Health Information Center on partial birth abortion PBA's are more dangerous for the mother than other forms of late-term abortions. They are done so baby body parts can be harvested. There is no excuse for subjecting a woman to a dangerous medical procedure so the body parts can be harvested.
Alan Keyes on Compassionate Conservatism

N.O.W. Makes a Fool of Itself
They Said It Better Than I Could
Not Everyone Has Trouble Thinking Straight Too bad seven Supreme Court Justices weren't among them those who don't

Global Warming? Yeah, right!
Traditional Values Coalition is passing a petition to demand that the F.B.I. investigate Planned Parenthood for selling baby parts. Keep in mind that Planned Parenthood is financed in part with our tax dollars.
Tibetan Refugees Need our Help Those of us who are Christians should help Tibetans achieve basic human rights. Religious issues come later.
Put the World's Largest Abortionist Out of Business
Roe and Doe return to the Supreme Court

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