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Women Who Faced Difficult Pregnancies Speak Out

Please note that every effort has been made to obtain permission of the writers to reprint their stories here. They have been printed in their entirety without comment, unless otherwise noted, and edited only to correct spelling errors. In some cases, I have no way of locating an email address for some of the writers. If you see your story here and wish to contact me about this, please email me. Thank you.

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Most of these stories are from women who chose abortion. The last section is from women who chose life.

Memorial Pages
Women With Unwelcome Pregnancies Who Didn't Abort

Being Pro-Life Will Not Always Protect You From Abortion...
My Personal Abortion Story
What Germaine Greer Calls a "Phony Debate"
I am Pro-Choice but...
Comments about a bumpersticker
The Critical Thing
Choicer Pessimism
On Men and Abortion
Don't Back Down
On Child Abuse and Abortion
To Those Considering Abortion
Reflections on Abortion


Post Abortion Recovery Two
Post Abortion Support Yahoo club
Aborted Women for Unborn Life Yahoo club
Regrets of Women Who Had an Abortion
They Did Not Tell Me
Messages about abortion experiences
Stories and Poems about Abortion
Multiple discussion boards for women hurting from abortion
Stories of Abortion Includes other stories as well.
Women Who've Had Abortions
How Men Feel After Abortion
Celebs Speak
The Grief of Abortion
Abortion They Say is a "Woman's Choice"
How My Abortion Affected Me
Life Stories autobiographical
Abortion they say is a women's choice
First Relief, Then Regret
A Better Choice
Cristy's Story
Shari Richards
Trying To Survive
Two Senseless Deaths
Forced to abort after incest
The Long Road to Healing
God Gave Me Another Chance
Before I Had Time to Think abortion after rape
Karen's Story
Looking for Advice in All the Wrong Places
Post Abortion Grief
Trying to Survive
I believed a lie, until...
Abortion Testimonies
When Six Months is a Lifetime
Cindy's Story
Divine Mercy in My Soul
One Year Saturday
My Decision
My Boyfriend Hasn't Mentioned the Baby Once
Kim Mitchell
No One Told Me I Could Cry
Never Took the Time to Make the Right Decision
Mary Jo's Story
I Won't Ever Know My First Child
They Made it Sound So Simple...
Only in My Heart and Soul
The Darkest Day of My Life
A Daughter's Grief and a Family's Burden
Jane Norton
...Then Life Goes on as Normal
A Poem for Joshua
Talk About Lowering Your Self-Esteem
In Whose Best Interest? Abortion in the case of Incest
My Abortion Story
Marion's story
Fear, Violence, and a Second Chance
Amazing Grace
Complete Restoration
Misinformed Consent
I still suffer today
Whose Call Is It? The friend tells her story
The Choice
Why Didn't I Choose What I Really Wanted?
A Journey Through Abortion short version
Catherine's Story full version, pdf file, requires Adobe Acrobat (16 pages)
The Search For Meaning
Something Has Been Missing
Sally's Story
...Until I Decided To Keep One
Clearing the Air about the Psychological Effects of Abortion
Didn't Want to be Laughed At
The Choices We Make
I No Longer Believed in Love...
Can't Show the Pain
Kirsten's Story Victim of Choice
So much resentment
The Dream
A Small Grave
In God We Trust
A Simple Solution?
Fear and Forgiveness
They Said They Would Be There for Me
I Want Another Chance
The Long Road to Healing
Until Mommy Can One Day Hold You Again ...
A Mistake I Am Still Paying For
Multiply Abused
It Changed My Life Forever
I Was Hoping the Sermon Would Help
Spare Yourself the Hurt
Kirsten's Story
Open Letter to the Woman Walking into the Abortion Clinic
No Babies in the Bars...
Why Can't I Just Go On?
Four Stories
A British Perspective
You Never Fully Recover
Abortion is Not Therapeutic
It's Already Too Late
Dear Safe Haven
A Back Alley Abortion and Mine
I Didn't Want My Boyfriend to Leave Me
Faith and Hope
Wouldn't Trade Either of Them
Letting Go
Personal Abortion Stories From New Zealand
The Cost of Abortion
Won't Be Celebrating
Rita Sigler
Vicky Cooper
Just Let Her Know You Love Her a father speaks
Anguish of an Aborted Mother poem
The Sad Twist
So Many Reasons
Katya Ma: Tears for my baby
If I Had To Do It Over
To This Day, No Locket Have I Seen
Needed Someone to be There For Me
Even If...
My Abortion Experience...and How it Affected My Life Part Two Part Three
A Positive Story It tears my heart out to link to this one. You see, I have a nephew with Down Syndrome, and so I know this woman rejected joy.
About These Abortion Stories
Former Women of Choice Nine stories
Letters from Those Who Have Had Abortions
Aborted Women, Silent No More For further reading
Their Last Choice For further reading
Women Who Abort: Their Reflections on the Unborn

Memorial Pages

sometimes with stories

Women With Unwelcome Pregnancies Who Didn't Abort

My Body poem
Isaiah link by the same author as the poem. The miracle she didn't know she needed.


...told from various perspectives

Spared from the Abortionist's Pail
When the Mother Has Been Raped
Melani's Story
A Male's Point of View
Other Options
Abortion Isn't For Everyone
Faith and Hope
Pressured, but didn't have an abortion
Kay James

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