Bible Verses in Many Languages

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Welcome to my site! Here you will find Bible verses in many languages which tell about the Lord Jesus Christ and present the basic Gospel message, (including selections from the book of Romans - The Romans Road).

Please note: clicking on a language name will open a separate window. Please close this window when you are finished. If you do not close it, and go back to the index page, and click on another language, the new language will open UNDER this window in some browsers.

I am looking for any web sites that have Psalm 23 in many languages. If you know of such a site, please email me. I'd also like to hear from you if you have access to a Bible in a language not listed here, if you can help with translation to any language, or if you can help me with foreign fonts. Thank you.

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  • Mexican languages Graphics index

  • Philippine languages Graphics index

  • Scripture Earth
  • Bibles: Find Foreign Language Bibles in Over 4000 Languages
  • Silent Night in Many Languages
  • The Lord's Prayer in over 1500 languages Also contains Catholic prayers and occasionally portions of the liturgy.
  • Ethnic Harvest sources of Bible materials in 140 languages
  • Faith Cometh By Hearing recorded Bible materials in many languages
  • Jesus Film online in many languages
  • Four Spiritual Laws in many languages
  • The Rosetta Project early Genesis in 1200 languages
  • Scripture Booklets in 310 languages
  • God's Simple Plan of Salvation in many languages
  • Creation articles in various languages

    Af-maxaad tiri see Somali

    Af-Soomaali see Somali

  • Afrikaans

  • Al Arabiya, Arabic

    Ambo see Ndonga

  • Arabela, Chiripuno, Chiripunu

    Arabic see Al Arabiya

    Araucano see Mapudungun

    Arnaut see shqip

    Ashlushlay see Nivaclé

    Axluslay see Nivaclé

  • Bahasa Indonesia

  • Bahasa Melayu

  • Basque Batua, Euskera, Vascuence

    Beetjuans see Tswana

    Caffre see Xhosa

    Cafre see Xhosa

    Causuh see Xhosa

    Changana see Tsonga

  • Chechen, Nokhchiin, Nokchiin Muott

  • Chinese, Big 5 encoding

    Chinese see also Chinese link

    Chiripuno see Arabela

    Chiripunu see Arabela

    Chuana see Tswana

    Chulupe see Nivaclé

    Chulupí see Nivaclé

    Chulupie see Nivaclé

    Churupi see Nivaclé

    Coana see Tswana

    Cuana see Tswana

    Cuangar see moRukwangali

    Dauwa see Nduga

    Dawa see Nduga

    Dongo see Mbundu

    Dutch see Nederlands

  • English

  • español, Spanish

  • Gullah

    Gwamba see Tsonga

  • Haitian

    Hawaiian see 'Olelo Hawai'i

    Hawai'i Creole see Hawai'i Pidgin

  • Hawai'i Pidgin, Hawai'i Creole

    Hebrew see Ivrit

    Indonesian see Bahasa Indonesia

    Ikinyarwanda see Kinyarwanda

    Isiswati see Swati

    Isiswazi see Swati

    IsiXhosa see Xhosa

    Isizulu see Zulu

  • Ivrit, Hebrew

    Kaffer see Xhosa

    Kaffir see Xhosa

  • Kekchi, Ketchi

  • Kikongo

    Kimbundu see Mbundu

    Kingoni see Zulu

  • Ikinyarwanda, Kinyarwanda, Ruanda, Rwanda, Orunyarwanda, Urunyarwanda

    Kitsonga see Tsonga

  • Kinh, Vietnamese

  • Kiswahili, Swahili

    Koosa see Xhosa

    Kwangali see moRukwangali

    Kwangare see moRukwangali

    Kwangari see moRukwangali

  • Lingala, Ngala

    Loanda see Mbundu

    Loande see Mbundu

    Luanda see Mbundu

    Lunda see Mbundu

    Malaysian see Bahasa Melayu

  • Malgache, Malagasy

    Maori see Te Reo

    Mapuche see Mapudungun

    Mapudungu see Mapudungun

  • Mapudungun, Mapudungu, Mapuche, Maputongo, Araucano

    Maputongo see Mapudungun

  • Mbundu, Loanda, Luanda, Lunda, Loande, Kimbundu, North Mbundu, Nbundu, N'Bundo, Dongo, Ndongo

  • Melanesian Pidgin

  • Meo, Blue Meo, Hmong Njua

  • moRukwangali, Kwangali, Sikwangali, Rukwangali, Kwangari, Kwangare, Cuangar

  • Muskokee, Creek, Seminole

    N'Bundo see Mbundu

  • Nalca, Nalja

    N'Bundo see Mbundu

    Nbundu see Mbundu

    Ndauwa see Nduga

  • Ndebele, Nrebele, Ndzundza, Transvaal Ndebele, Southern Ndebele

  • Ndonga

    Ndongo see Mbundu

  • Nduga, Ndugwa, Ndauwa, Dauwa, Dawa, Pesechem, Pesecham, Pesegem

    Ndugwa see Nduga

    Ndzundza see Ndebele

    Nebome see Tohono O'odham

    Nevome see Tohono O'odham

    Ngoni see Zulu

  • Nivaclé, Chulupí, Churupi, Chulupie, Chulupe, Ashlushlay, Axluslay

    Nrebele see Ndebele

    North Mbundu see Mbundu

  • Northern Sotho, Pedi, Sepedi, Transvaal Sotho

  • Nyoro, Runyoro, Orunyoro, Rutooro

    Ochindonga see Ndonga

  • 'Olelo Hawai'i, Hawaiian

    O'odham see Tohono O'odham

    O'othham see Tohono O'odham

    Orunyarwanda see Kinyarwanda

    Orunyoro see Nyoro

    Oshindonga see Ndonga

    Osindonga see Ndonga

    Otjiwambo see Ndonga

    Owambo see Ndonga

    Papago see Tohono O'odham

    Pedi see Northern Sotho

    Pesecham see Nduga

    Pesechem see Nduga

    Pesegem see Nduga

    Pidgin see Hawai'i Pidgin

    Piman see Tohono O'odham

  • Pennsylvania Deitsh

  • português, Portuguese

    Rukwangali see moRukwangali

    Runyoro see Nyoro

    Ruanda see Kinyarwanda

    Rutooro see Nyoro

    Rwanda see Kinyarwanda

  • Samoan

    Sechuana see Tswana

    Sepedi see Sepedi

  • Sesotho, Suto, Suthu, Souto, Sisotho, Southern Sotho

    shchip see shqip

    Shitsonga see Tsonga

  • Shona

    Sisutho see Sesotho

  • Shuar

  • Somali, Af-Soomaali, Af-maxaad tiri

    Southern Ndebele see Ndebele

    Southern Sotho see Sesotho

    Souto see Sesotho

    Spanish see español

    Suthu see Sesotho

    Suto see Sesotho

    Sikwangali see moRukwangali

  • Swati

    Swazi see Swati

    Swahili see Kiswahili

  • Te Reo, Maori

    Tekela see Swati

    Tekeza see Swati

  • Tohono O'odham, Akimel O'odham (Papago-Piman), O'odham, O'othham, Nevome, Nebome, Upper Piman

    Transvaal Ndebele see Ndebele

    Transvaal Sotho see Northern Sotho

    Thonga see Tsonga

    Tonga see Tsonga

  • Tsonga, Shitsonga, Kitsonga, Thonga, Tonga, Gwamba, Changana, Xichangana, Xitsonga

  • Tswana, Chuana, Coana, Cuana, Sechuana, Beetjuans

  • Uma

    Upper Piman see Tohono O'odham

    Urunyarwanda see Kinyarwanda

    Vietnamese see Kinh

  • Xhosa, IsiXhosa, Xosa, Koosa, Kaffer, Kaffir, Caffre, Cafre, Cauzuh

    Xichangana see Tsonga

    Xitsonga see Tsonga

    Xosa see Xhosa

  • Yaqui

  • Yupik

  • Zulu

    Zunda see Zulu

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