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Bible Verses in Mexican Languages


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Akimel O'odhamAmuzgoAztecBasque BatuaCamotlán MixeChatino de TataltepecChayucu MixtecoChontal de TabascoCuicateco de TeutilaEastern Jamiltepec-Chayuco MixtecoespañolEuskeraHuasteco de San Luis PotosíHuaveLowland TotonacoMayaMixe de CoatlánMixteco de ChayucoMixteco de YosondúaNáhuatlNebomeNevomeO'odhamO'othhamPapantlaPapantla TotonacaPapagoPimanSeri de SonoraSoutheastern MixeSpanishTepehua de HuehuetlaTepehuanTohono O'odhamTojolabalTotonacaTzeltalTzotzilUpper PimanVascuenseYaquiZapotecoZoque

Donate Bibles to persecuted Christians

Johann Sebastian Bach is sometimes referred to as the fifth evangelist. He evangelizes through his music, which has become popular and renown throughout the world. Bach was a staunch Lutheran, and his music is the epitome of the joy of the Christian who realizes that our salvation is dependent on God alone, and is a free gift which we do not have to earn in any way. Even our faith is a gift. For your listening pleasure, I have made available a few of Bach's famous organ compositions, courtesy of Classical Midi Archives and of Dean Lampe, who sequenced these midi files.

Prelude and Fugue in e, BWV 533 This one is a special favorite of mine, and my sister Becky plays it.
Prelude and Fugue in D, BWV 532
Prelude and Fugue in G, BWV 541
Prelude and Fugue in a, BWV 543
Prelude and Fugue in c, BWV 549

Cults and Sects Includes links in other languages

Evidences (apologetics) Includes links to information in multiple languages

I am looking for any web sites that have Psalm 23 in many languages. If you know of such a site, please email me. Also, if you have access to a Bible in a language not listed here, or you can write in any of these languages, whether listed here or not, please email me. Also, if you can help me with foreign fonts, please email me. Thank you.

Silent Night in Many Languages

The Lord's Prayer in over 1500 languages Also contains Catholic prayers and occasionally portions of the liturgy.


Amuzgo de San Pedro Amuzgos
Basque Batua, Euskera, Vascuense
Euskera see Basque Batua
Camotlán Mixe see Mixe de Coatlán
Chatino de Tataltepec
Chayucu Mixteco see Mixteco de Chayuco
Chontal de Tabasco
Cuicateco de Teutila
Eastern Jamiltepec-Chayuco Mixteco see Mixteco de Chayuco
español, Spanish
Euskera see Basque Batua
Huasteco de San Luis Potosí
Lowland Totonaco see Papantla
Mixe de Coatlán, Camotlán Mixe, Southeastern Mixe
Mixteco de Yosondúa
Mixteco de Chayuco, Eastern Jamiltepec-Chayuco Mixteco, Chayucu Mixteco
Náhuatl del Centro
Náhuatl del norte de Puebla
Náhuatl de la Sierra de Puebla
Nebome see Tohono O'odham
Nevome see Tohono O'odham
O'odham see Tohono O'odham
O'othham see Tohono O'odham


Papantla, Totonaca, Papantla Totonaca, Lowland Totonaco
Papantla Totonaca see Papantla
Papago see Tohono O'odham
Piman see Tohono O'odham
Seri de Sonora
Southeastern Mixe see Mixe de Coatlán
Spanish see español
Tepehua de Huehuetla
Tepehuán del Norte
Tohono O'odham, Akimel O'odham (Papago-Piman), O'odham, O'othham, Nevome, Nebome, Upper Piman
Totonaco see Papantla
Tzeltal de Bachajón
Tzotzil de Chamula
Tzotzil de Chenalhó, Tzotzil de Chalchihuitán.
Tzotzil de Huixtán
Tzotzil de San Andrés
Upper Piman see Tohono O'odham
Vascuense see Basque Batua
Zapoteco de Chichicapan
Zapoteco del Istmo
Zapoteco de Miahuatlán
Zapoteco de Tabaa
Zoque de Francesco León


Languages page

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