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Cults and Sects

Please note that this portion of my web site contains materials that visitors may personally find offensive. It pulls no punches on the issues of cults and false teaching. I present this site under the concept of freedom of speech and religion. It is the purpose of this material to enlighten and lead people toward a saving truth. I welcome emails from anybody who has honest questions, but if your purpose is to get me to remove any material, change it to say things more agreeable to those involved in cults, or convert me to a cult, please note that I have very little patience for this, I will discover it quickly, and I will respond accordingly. I rest my faith and life in the shed blood of Jesus Christ, and His sacrifice alone, not believing that I contribute in any way to my salvation. I will not insult God by claiming that I can do a better job of completing my salvation than Jesus can and did, or that He was lying when He said, "It is finished!"

Apologetics and Evidences for Christianity

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General Information
Apostolic Church (United Pentecostalism)
Bill Gaither
Growing Families International
Jehovah's Witnesses
The Lutheran Church
Masonic Lodge
The Mormon Church
Roman Catholicism
Seventh-day Adventists
The Shack
Unification Church (Moonies)

General Information

Please note that my inclusion of a link does not mean I endorse the doctrinal views on that site. It merely means that there is useful information on a cult or sect on the web site.

Watchman Expositor
Apologetics Index
Mirror site for Apologetics Index
All About Cults
What is Heresy and what is a heresy hunter?
Apologia Report
Alpha and Omega Ministries Roman Catholicism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Reformed, King James Onlyism
Freedom of Mind secular approach
What are the dangers of postmodernism?
Got Questions?
Postmodernism Apologetics Index
Rick Ross, Cult Intervention Specialist
Saints Alive in Jesus
MacGregor Ministries
Evangelical Ministries to New Religions
With One Accord
Deception in the Church
Let Us Reason Ministries on cults and religions
Heresy in the Church
John Ankerberg
Leadership U. Excellent links collection.
Spiritual Research Network
Christian Answers
The Center for Apologetics Research - TSentr Apologeticheskikh Issledovanii po russki
Geopolymer Institute How did the Egyptians build the pyramids? Puts to rest the idea they had superior technology.

Articles on Religion


Apostolic Church (United Pentecostalism)

The Hidden Cult of Oneness Pentecostalism
Is the United Pentecostal Church a Cult?


Decoding the Origins of the Enneagram
Richard Rohr and the Enneagram Secret



Freemasonry: The Masonic Lodge
The Masonic Lodge (Freemasonry)
Freemasonry and the Christian Church
The Character, Claims and Practical Workings of Freemasonry book by Charles G. Finney, the renown evangelist of the 19th century

Bill Gaither


Bill Gaither's Disobedience to God's Word

Growing Families International

Links Gary Ezzo and Babywise, A collection of resources



Theological An Explanation of the Trinity for Muslims
Answering Islam English, shqip, al arabiya, Bangla, bosanski/hrvatski, Chinese, Dutch, English, Finnish, français, deutsch, Hindi, bahasa indonesia, bahasa malay, Persian, Oromo, Russian, Swedish, Somali, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Türkçe, urdu
Have we shamed the face of Jesus?
Understanding Islam’s Ideology and Worldview

Jehovah's Witnesses


The Doctrine of the Trinity Defended

The Lutheran Church

Please note: orthodox Lutheranism is not a cult. The links are about the elements of heresy within orthodox Lutheranism. They are maintained by orthodox Lutherans, mostly within the Missouri Synod.


Reclaiming Walther
Crisis in the LCMS
Confessional Lutherans
Christian News Unofficial Web Site
Confess and Teach for Unity

The Mormon Church

Open Letter to Mormon Bishops and to Nonmormons
The Trinity in the Book of Mormon
The Trinity in the Bible


The Trinity: Do Christians Worship Three Gods?
Mormonism Research Ministry
Utah Lighthouse Ministry
Word for the Weary
Temple Symbolism
A Miracle for Mormons - Forgiveness of Sins?
Praying About the Book of Mormon - Is it Biblical?


Psychoheresy Awareness Ministries

Roman Catholicism

Letter to a Catholic Friend
It Is Finished!

Links on Catholic-"Lutheran" Dialogue

On the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification

Why the Joint Declaration is a subterfuge, and why the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod won't sign it
A Betrayal of the Gospel

Other Links

The Roman Catholic Church A Biblical Critique Includes pro-Catholic quotes at the bottom, illustrative of what the Roman church teaches.
Roman Catholicism

Seventh-day Adventism

A dear friend of mine has given me permission to publish some of her writings. For obvious reasons, she must remain anonymous, but I have personally verified her factual claims. So some of these are mine, and some are hers. There is also a short essay about the detrimental effects of the Adventist diet.

An Overview of Issues in the Seventh-day Adventist Church
Letter to an Adventist Pastor and His Wife
Letter to an Adventist Pastor
Concerning the effects of the Adventist diet on a friend
The Condemnation of Christians in the Seventh-day Adventist Church
A Question of Ethics
Una Cuestión de Ética
On Ellen G. White and Roman Catholicism
Experiences in Seventh-day Adventism With notes on the Adventist vegetarian diet.


Truth or Fables
The REAL Ellen G. White Website
Modern Medicine Proves White Wrong About the deficiencies in White's vegan diet
Myths & Truths About Vegetarianism This is one of the best sources of nutritional information in the world.
Beware this Cult information on Ellen G. White's health message by a medical doctor
Seventh Day Adventist
Traducciones Sobre Ellen G. White y la Iglesia Adventista del Séptimo Día - en español
Is Ellen White a false prophet? Bulgarian
Is Ellen White a False Prophet? Chinese
Ellen White-forskningsprojektet Dansk
Das Ellen White Ermittlung Deutsch
La Investigación de Elena de White Español
Ang imbestigasyon kay Ellen White Filipino
Projet d’enquête sur Ellen G. White Français
Il Progetto di ricerca su Ellen G. White Italiano
Projeto de Pesquisa Sobre Ellen G. White Português
Pagina Web despre Ellen G. White: Ultimele descoperiri despre Ellen White Român?
Istraživacki Projekat Elen Vajt: Donosimo vam najnovija istraživanja Serbian
Felekezet, Szekta, vagy Maradék Egyház? Denomination, Cult, or Remnant Church? magyar, English
True Faith web Istina o ucenju Adventista Sedmog Dana - hrvatska, slovensko ?
Different Gospels
Ellen G. White found guilty of plagiarism
Life Assurance Ministries - books on Adventism
What Seventh-day Adventists NEED to know
Sabbath Keepers Refuted extensive information
White's plagiarism
Ellen Gould White
27 Doctrines of SDA
Ex-Adventist Outreach
7th day Adventism Articles
Seventh-day Adventism Profile
The Center for Apologetics Research - Adventism
The Center for Apologetics Research - Adventism in Russian

The Shack

The Shack Where Tragedy Comfronts Eternity

Unification Church

Answer to a Moonie

Word-Faith, Church Growth


Healing and the Kingdom Good introduction to biblical reasoning on the issue of prosperity, miracles and healing
Word-Faith Movement
Ten Reasons to Reject Word of Faith Teachings
Positive Confession
Word Faith Profile
Positive Confession Part 1
Positive Confession Part 2
Word/Faith Articles Directory
Pentecostal Articles Directory
Touch Not Mine Annointed Syndrome
YWAM and Benny Hinn
I was healed at a miracle crusade
Touch Not the Lord's Anointed
The Purpose-Driven Church why it's in error
Rick Warren’s Purpose-Driven Life: A Seriously Flawed View of God
Word-Faith Theology
Word Faith Theology and Mormonism

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